Our long Experiance and deduction to quality ensure that our part are long – wearing and reliable, resulting in less down fitting time and save revenue of the customer.Each part made according to consumer specification and requirement. Apart of this special assistance provide to the consumer make sure that casting specification gives the maximum life.We produce a wide range of iron and steel alloys including.

  • Abrasion-Resistance cast irons
  • Austenitic Grey iron
  • Austenitic Mn-Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Chorome carbide
  • Ductile iron
  • Grey iron
  • Heat Resistant Steels
  • Ni-Hard Steel
  • Chemical & corrosion Resistance Steel

Today we are using the most advanced technology of the solid state induction method for the melting process.We cast abrasion-,corrosion- and heat- resistant iron and steel casting, as well as grey and ductile iron used for common industrial castings. Our main Services include.

  • Pattern Making
  • Moulding/ Casting
  • Core making
  • Machining & Assembly
  • Heat treatment

Pattern Shop

Our trained staff and well equipped pattern shop is fulfill the basic requirement for casting the parts according to our customer requirement, weather you required new pattern for making the part or just repair existing patterns we can provide this valuable service under the supervision of well experienced staff of MSC.

Moulding & Casting

We offer casting methods for most of all process to provide the best solutions to your casting requirement following methods we are using for casting.

  • Green Sand Moulding
  • Green Sand Cope & Drag
  • Co2-Moulding
  • Shell Mould Casting
  • Permanent Moulding
  • Die Casting

Core Processing

Core Processing for most current application can be provided we will use following methods for core processing.

  • Cold Box
  • Shell
  • Co2
  • Oil Sand
  • No Bake
  • Hot Box

Machining & Assembly

MSC Provide light Machining and Assembly services in order to supply you with a  complete cast components ready to stock or ship our customer ready finished products. Our work shop equipped with some light machines for process of.

  • CSC Machining
  • Turning
  • Boring
  • Tapping
  • Etc…

Heat Treatment Process

Our state of the art, heat treatment furnace to guarantee exacting requirements and ensure our parts to meet industry specifications. Heat treating offers a valuable, versatile method to extend the consistency and range of properties of iron and steel casting well beyond the limits of those produced in as-cast condition. Heat treating processes and  terminology for heat treating cast irons and similar to those for steels. The heat treating processes most commonly performed on iron casting and annealing,normalizing through hardening(heating,quenching and tempering) and stress relieving.We produce a wide range of iron and steel alloys.


MSC always very conscious to provide quality materiel production to there clients. In this regard MSC investing time by time on different equipment’s.Now we have upgraded our LAB with latest technology and added emission specter meters & mobile specter  Gun to analyze the materials with maximum perfections.


Our major clients are related to Cements, Fertilizer & Pumps Industries However we are manufacturing all kind of  heavy and earth moving industry maintenance parts.Detail of some manufacturers parts are as below 


  • Hammer Lime Stone 
  • Clinker Crushers Hammers
  • Shaft for Hammer
  • Hammer Disc
  • Lining Plates
  • Grate Bars
  • Grinding Media
  • Diaphragm Plates
  • Chain Conveyor
  • Nose Ring Kiln Plates
  • Grate Cooler Plates(All Types) 
  • Grizzly Bar
  • Fastener All Type Of Stainless Steel  
  • Fastener High Stainless Steel
  • Kiln Chain
  • Clinker Crusher Hammer
  • Conveyors(Complete Assambly)
  • Sleeves.ETC…

                Pump & Engineering industry 

  • Valve Body
  • Impeller
  • Hub
  • Bearing Housing
  • Bearing Cover
  • Adapter
  • Pulley
  • Butterfly Valve Body
  • Pump Housing
  • Adopter
  • Seal Cover
  • Suction Chambers
  • Pump Body All Type Of Stainless Steel

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